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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay you?

We happily accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover. PayPal Checkout Preferred.

Where do the leads come from and how many can I expect?

You aren’t buying leads here. You’re buying a tool to get the conversation started and its up to you to market your new lead page. We’ve made it easy to use social media to drive traffic to your page. Promote your custom domain in your mailers, ads, email campaigns, and promotional items. TShirts and bags work great.  We also recommend that you check out a retargeting campaign with Adwerx.

Can I use my own domain on my lead pages?

Great idea! It’s super easy to setup and we encourage it!

Does this send an automatic CMA for real estate professionals?

No it doesn’t. Yet. We believe that the auto valuations are simply a conversation starter and while they’re a possible upgrade in the future – right now, we’ve built a solid lead page to capture contact information. It’s up to you to build the relationship, get the appointment, and then find accurate values with real information from a real person, using RPR, Cloud CMA or your MLS.